About The Instructors:

Kathleen Pead, owner and Head Instructor, has been teaching lessons since 1976 and riding horses since she was 3 years old. She earned her British Horse Society Asst. Instructors Certification in 1973 and the American Horse Shows Instructor Certification in 1974.

She learned to love 3 Day Eventing while studying in England and chose to continue riding and teaching Dressage and Jumping here in California. She taught in Southern California as well as Australia for a short time before permanently residing here in Orangevale in 1986. Her eventing horse, Geoffrey, was the barn activities manager and entertained everyone who came to visit.


Audrey MacKinnon started here as a Student and moved onto Instructing our very young riders in the Mommy & Me classes, Running the Girl Scouts Badge classes and teaching 5-7 year olds. As she advances her own riding skills, she is able to take her students to a more advanced level before handing them onto a more advanced instructor. Her goal is to be able to teach all levels and help Kathy with managing the School Horse Program.


Rhiannon Ramirez has been riding since she was 6 years old, getting her first pony in So. California.  She has helped train several horses off the track with her Instructor down South.  She recently  moved and made Northern California her home and is teaching our beginner to intermediate students here.  She has ridden several disciplines including Western and English and is now advancing her Dressage skills with Kathy. She is a definite asset and new addition to our stables.


Aleah Brink is starting out at 16 with our Mommy & Me classes and 5-7 year olds. She has been riding with us for about a  year and has assisted with our Summer Camps. She also enjoys her horse Poncho Too who is boarded here.  I welcome her to our Instructor's circle!

Other Items of Interest:

I am always interested in and looking for Working Students. My personal goal is to train Instructors to teach others effectively. If you are interested in a possible career with horses, feel free to contact Kathy Pead for more information. We also are always looking for workers to trade riding lessons as well.

Feel free to come by and take a look at the facility, but please do not attempt to pet or feed the horses until you have spoken with Kathy or one of the other instructors. Keep all children with you, and please do not bring your pets.

Also, you can send us your feedback about our programs or our website by clicking the "Feedback" link that is conveniently placed at the bottom of each page.

Thank you for your interest in Hillside Training Stables!

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