"Beginners are our specialty, Proficient riders and owners our Goal."

Our Instructors and lesson horses are very experienced and love what they do. We have horses for every level of rider, from a beginner to someone looking to compete or own and train their own horse one day.

You'll begin with a private lesson that will judge your level and capabilities, and then you will be matched up with a horse that best suits your skill level. In general, you will ride the same horse each lesson, unless otherwise stated before your lesson begins. As you advance, you will progress onto new horses with new challenges and difficulties, which will make you a stronger and more competent rider. You will join a group lesson (maximum 4 riders) once you show sufficient skills to control the horse enough to work independently on the rail. You will also learn to groom and tack up the horse as well as untack, blanket and feed your horse when you are finished.

Our goal is to teach our riders to be able to ride anything they come across, how to do it safely and how to have fun. We also take our students on the trails to learn experiences they cannot learn in the confines of an arena. When they become more advanced, we teach them how to train young horses on their own, preparing them for future horse ownership.


English Riding Lessons Length Cost
Mommy & Me 30 Minutes $55/Lesson
Private 1/2 Hour $55/Lesson
Group (4 maximum) 1 Hour $65/Lesson
Hour Private /Groom&Ride 1 Hour $65/Lesson
Hour Private Ride Only 1 Hour $75/Lesson
Introductory Package: Buy 4 Get 1 Free* All Types $220-300/OneTime
NEW! 10 Lesson Package All Types $5.00 off per lesson 

*We have an INTRODUCTORY PACKAGE: Buy 4 lessons and get a 5th lesson for free. It's a great way to try out the sport without a long term commitment, but enough time to know if you want to continue or not. This can only be used ONE TIME and is non-refundable.

**With our BONUS PROGRAM you pay a flat $180.00/200.00/$220.00/$240. per month at the beginning of each month for one lesson per week. Whenever there is a 5th week in the month you get a free or 'Bonus' lesson. If you have to cancel for any reason or we cancel for any reason then you have a credit for a makeup lesson to be used on another day and time.  There is no expiration date on makeup lessons and they can be scheduled at any time. Your cancelled lessons cannot be used to lower your next monthly payment, however they will always be honored for extra lessons. Sorry no refunds with this program.

Our MOMMY & ME PROGRAM is designed for ages 3 to 4 years old. Participants include both the child AND their parent or guardian. An instructor teaches you how to put your child in the saddle and then takes both of you out to the arena and teaches you how to play games with them that help the child learn balance and rhythm and become comfortable on a horse's back. When the ride is over, you untack the horse and take him back to his stable.

Our newest option is our 10 Lesson Package! Buy 10 lessons at a reduced rate of $5.00 less than the regular price. So Mommy & Me and Half Hour Private Lessons are $500, Semi Private and Hour Groups $600, Hour Private $700 & Hour Groom & Ride $600. Please note: Package lessons are NON REFUNDABLE all or in part and cannot be used towards any other lesson types offered. They do not have to be used within a time limit and never expire.


We also offer sibling and family discounts as well. Lessons can be purchased one at a time, or you can pay for weekly lessons a month at a time and use cancelled lessons as credit towards the next month if you so choose. We are extremely flexible with payment options.


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