Liability Release

RIDER NAME__________________________________PHONE___________________

ADDRESS________________________________, CITY, ZIP_____________________________


PARENTS NAME(S)_____________________________________________________________

NAME & EMERGENCY CONTACT NUMBER________________EMAIL_______________________


DATE OF BIRTH_______________________________

Proper clothing should be worn for your protection: Long Pants (no shorts or capris), Long or Short sleeved shirt (no tank tops, tubes, spagetti straps, sleeveless, etc) and Sturdy Hard Soled shoes or Boots. Bring a water bottle if warm outside, helmets will be provided by the stables.

I hereby release Hillside Training Stables, Kathleen Pead, Brittany Barsch and all other family members; and any other stable employees of responsibility for any injuries or accidents incurred while I or any of my family members or friends are on the premises, riding or otherwise. I further understand that I enter the premises at my own risk and will not hold liable any of the aforementioned named.

It is understood that this is a potentially dangerous sport and although the Instructors will do everything in their power to prevent harm, accidents can and do happen and Hillside Training Stables will not be held liable for any occurrences. Helmets are required at all times while working around a horse, from the ground or while riding, and will be provided by Hillside Training Stables.

I have read and understand the statements above and agree to adhere to all of them.

SIGNATURE OF GUARDIAN:_________________________



9065 Oak Avenue, Orangevale, Ca. 95662 Phone: 916-987-1667

We are located between Hazel Avenue and Filbert Street, across the street from Orangevale Park. Large groups of 8 or more please park across the street in the Orangevale Park Playground Parking Lot.

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Hillside Horse Stables, Summer Camps & Birthday Parties: 9065 Oak Avenue Orangevale, CA. 95662 (916) 987-1667